Daisy Chaining multiple AutoDrivers

In a previous post I tested running SPI over a distance of roughly 100 feet using RS-485 over Cat5 with only a single SPI slave device, in this post I will cover the how to have multiple SPI slaves (AutoDriver with RS-485 shield) daisy chained together. The goal here is to communicate with multiple AutoDrivers over a long distance with only a single chip select signal. Continue reading


SPI over RS-485 Testing

Arduino communicating with AutoDriver via SPI over RS-485 with 100' loop of CAT5.

Arduino reading the status register from the AutoDriver via SPI over RS-485 with a 100′ loop of CAT5.

In my last post, SPI over long distances, I described a method of using RS-485 to run a SPI bus over long distances. To test this setup I created two prototype shields, an Arduino SPI over RS-485 shield and an AutoDriver shield. Because the standard Arduino only has a single SPI bus and I needed two, one acting as a master and another as a slave, I would need to find a way to simulate one. Continue reading


Notes on using the Robotics Connection I2C line following sensor with Arduino based boards

After many of wasted hours of trying to get the I2C line following sensor from Robotics Connection working with an Arduino based controller board I was finally able to get it to communicate and since there was no other information out there on this issue I decided to write this post. Continue reading